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Sugar Land Movers

We provide local moving services in Sugar Land Texas for apartments, homes and offices.

Sugar Land Movers

In Sugar Land Texas, as in other parts of the country, from time to time it is necessary to relocate. This may be a personal or business move, large or small. Naturally, it is imperative that such a move be handled by a local moving company providing moving services for Sugar Land Texas who has the proper personnel and equipment needed to assure the safe delivery, from start to finish, of the items being moved.Sugar Land Texas

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40 million United States citizens have moved annually over the last decade.” 

We, at Entrust Movers, are proud to offer local Sugar Land Texas moving service both within Sugar Land and elsewhere in the city of Houston and across Texas. This includes moving home or business contents, assisting in downsizing or jobs that require heavy lifting such as assembling and disassembling home or office furniture and equipment.

Our company is happy to provide local moving service with the following features:

  • Professional & Licensed
  • Safety & Insured
  • Hardworking & Drug Tested
  • Background Checks
  • Uniformed
  • Number of Men Required (Usually two or more)

Moving Equipment

Our moving trucks are checked daily and we use the latest materials and equipment specially designed for moving. A few of these include slip-proof dollies, ramps, furniture moving pads, piano and office moving equipment, mattress protection, and full protection materials to fully ensure the protection of walls, floors, woodwork, doors, and other surroundings.

Moving & Packing Materials

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of a move. Our highly trained experts work quickly and use the latest moving & packing materials. This is especially important when packing fragile or delicate items. Whether you want to exit the premises and let our workers completely pack your property, or have special requirements and want to supervise, we can accommodate your needs.

If you wish to pack some things yourself the following materials are available.

  • Moving Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Large Plastic Sheets
  • Cartons of Various Sizes
  • Tape
  • Foam Sheets

At all times we treat your possessions with the same care and concern we would our own. Understanding your special needs, we are prepared to tailor a move to your specific request.

Whether your move concerns moving to a local house, condominium, or apartment, in your location or elsewhere in Texas, our experienced personnel are prepared to make a move that is tuned to your particular needs such as time limitation or a split between residence, business or storage facilities.

Apartment, and other types of moving require special skills. Many times there is a time limitation and we, at Entrust Movers, are happy to work with your needs for speed and efficiency.

There can be a wide difference in prices between moving companies as well as guarantees and experience of the movers. This makes it important to check out the length of time they have been in business, if they have a Texas Moving License, what types of charges they have compared with other companies and what their guarantees are regarding breakage.

We are proud to provide a properly equipped moving truck, experienced qualified moving crews, all equipment and supplies, and a reasonable moving quote.

Some things to determine regarding hiring such a company are:

• What is their reputation (check online reviews)

• Length of time they have been in business

• Reasonable quotes

• Do they have a Texas State Moving License

Moving Services

Our business moving services includes moving, packing and delivery services by professionally trained personnel who offer everything from moving the contents of apartments, homes, condominiums and internal office materials, such as office furniture, and complete offices like retail stores, educational facilities, and other types of businesses.

“The customer is always right”, fully describes the attitude of our company. We understand the stress many people have when it comes to moving and we are prepared to go the extra mile to provide complete satisfaction for our customers.

When choosing a local moving company it is important that you receive a courteous and fast service from an established company that is well known in the business. At Entrust Movers, we are happy to have a reputation as one of the best moving companies in Houston. This is affirmed by our customers recommending our service to other people who are considering moving.

Apartments, Town-homes, and Condominiums

The growth in Houston has been increasing, and with new apartments, town homes, and condominiums being built each year, we are happy to accommodate the increases in these local specialty moving requirements.  Our commitment to helping you move you and your family around Sugar Land or within the Houston, Texas area with ease and secure your items from one location to the next is our strongest asset.  We're experts in navigating tight staircases, freight elevators, and long walks.  Our onsite estimators are trained in both home and business moving and offer free estimates. Apartment, household, local, long-distance, and corporate relocation, we have you covered.

Unique Things About Sugar Land Texas

One of the most popular places to live is Sugar Land, Texas. Originally, this was a company town from 1910 to 1959, owned by the Imperial Sugar Company. This company refined sugar, which was transferred to other locations via one of the oldest railroads in Texas.

The company was self-contained and was especially concerned regarding their employees. As a result, they provided their workers with homes, a hospital, schools and invited businesses to move to their community. It remained a company town from 1910 to 1959.

The town enjoys an excellent temperature throughout the year and has the thirteen master-planned communities, the largest in the nation. Many of these beautifully planned homes are enjoyed by the current residents. The 2010 census showed 78,817 people living in the city.

Other interesting facts are:

• Homes in the area have an average price of $370,000 with a general range of $100,000 to $3,000,000.

• $116,000 average median income

• Excellent shopping facilities such as First Colony Mall and Sugar Land Town Center, Sacs and many others

• Sports for all ages

• Beautiful parks and other public amenities

We are happy to offer excellent pricing and will be happy to discuss our various services and specialties.

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