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How To Choose A Mover Checklist

How To Choose A Mover’s Checklist

  1. Coordinate & plan out your move in advance
  2. Check their reputation online on Google Reviews, Yelp, and YellowPages
  3. Check for complaints on the BBB
  4. Check out this TexasDMV’s resource page for their legal license to operate in Texas
  5. Total up everything that you are moving then provide them so you can get an accurate estimate
  6. Mention any stairs or difficult area that makes the move harder during the estimate
  7. Request a written estimate spelling out all details of the move
  8. Make sure to ask about the form of payment before you accept the estimate
  9. Ask if they have insurance to cover damages in case you don’t have your own insurance
  10. Complete the estimate with questions about surcharges and fees before you sign
  11. Make a photocopy of the estimate and keep handy
  12. Seek additional assistance in the supervision of the move
  13. Charge your phone fully on a moving day in case of emergency

That’s it, you should have enough information to decide if this moving company is the right one for you.  It’s also good to ask for a discount, you don’t ask you don’t get it.  Now, if you’ve already chosen a moving company you should read the step-by-step moving checklist to help you prepare and move you right.