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6 Tips for Staying Safe When Moving During COVID-19

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been present in our lives for some time now, we are still learning how to cope with this new way of life. Even simple, everyday activities have become more complicated and time-consuming with all the health measures to follow simultaneously. Not to mention the already challenging and stressful undertakings such as relocations. From finding adequate household movers to organizing quality packing, every detail needs to be carefully planned. On top of the regular arrangements, one needs to keep in mind the constant danger of the virus infection. Staying informed and doing online research on the topic, from time to time, can make a lot of difference. For that reason, we offer you the most effective six tips for staying safe when moving during COVID-19.

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1. Detailed planning

You will not be able to know what the exact moment something may go wrong is unless you have planed the whole process in advance. It is also much easier to keep everything under control if you are sticking to a plan. Especially in the out-of-ordinary conditions, such as the pandemic, it helps to keep track of all the necessary actions. For example, if your plan contains the exact number of times you should wash your hands during the day, it is very likely that you will achieve that by frequently checking your list. Also, you can make a mental plan of the actions, but it is highly advisable to note everything down. By following written moving checklists, you further decrease the chances of missing something important.

a hand with a pen writing a plan in a notebook
Plan your every step carefully for staying safe when moving during COVID-19

2. Minimizing contacts and personal encounters

Luckily, we live in a highly modernized and digitalized era in which personal encounters are often not even required for most of the transactions. Moving business functions the same most of the time. For a start, you can get a free online moving quote without any personal involvement. Next, you can call or write to your moving company for all the additional clarification. And finally, everything up to the actual date of the move, nowadays, can be contactless. So use these benefits wisely.

3. Keeping your distance can help to stay safe when moving during COVID-19

Health experts claim that keeping six feet distance from people can protect you from most infections, including COVID-19. This may seem, at first, like an easy rule to follow. However, during projects such as relocations, we often tend to forget these things and offer a helping hand to another person. Needles to say, one should avoid this during the pandemic. Whenever you can, distance yourself from your movers. Ideally, you can prepare everything a day or two ahead for them. Neatly packed and arranged suitcases and boxes left overnight will help your movers the best way. By this time, most of the bacteria and viruses should already be dead on those surfaces. Besides, this will significantly reduce the chances of virus spread. So, protect yourself and your moving associates whenever you can.

4. Masks, gloves, and the rest of the protective equipment

Being responsible is not so difficult. Especially now when most of us are already comfortable with the constant mask-wearing and occasional gloves usage. Your moving date should not be an exception to this. If anything, try to be even more vigilant. Bring some extra gloves for your apartment or office movers and distribute them on the moving date. Not only will this show your care and appreciation, but it will also help to create a safe working environment for everyone. Don’t forget to protect your kids, as well. If they are reluctant to wear surgical masks, try interesting them in some cotton, printed ones.

protective equipment for staying safe when moving during COVID-19
Protect yourself and the others with the COVID-19 protective supplies

5. Hygiene as the ultimate way of staying safe when moving during COVID-19

Practicing adequate personal hygiene is essential for staying safe when moving during COVID-19. Frequent washing of hands is mandatory, as well as the usage of soap and disinfectants. Since being in contact with most of the boxes is almost inevitable, keeping them and our hand’s clean matters. Getting expert packing services is a good strategy for minimizing contact with the boxes. But since you should be careful in any case, here is a simple yet effective relocation hygiene checklist to follow.

Before the move:

  • Wipe clean all the surfaces, especially the floors, countertops, and doorknobs.
  • Wipe all the individual items before packing them. Wash all the clothes.
  • Frequently wash your hands.
  • Throw all the expired food.
  • Disinfect the kitchen and bathroom elements separately.
  • Disinfect your future home thoroughly.

During the move:

  • Frequently wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching anything that your movers touch.
  • Wear protective equipment.

After the move:

  • Leave your boxes unpacked for at least 24 hours.
  • Disinfect all the items again after unpacking.
  • Frequently wash your hands.
a person thoroughly washing hands with soap
Keeping everything, especially your hands, clean during the relocation will keep you safe

6. Give yourself enough time

The main thing about changing your home during the pandemic is to be patient. You will have to do a lot before your moving day finally arrives. Thorough preparations are crucial for a successful relocation, and those preparations take time. However, when the day of the move comes, you will reap the fruit of your hard work.

So, to ensure everything goes well, allow yourself the luxury of checking several moving companies and comparing their offers. Finding the right moving company may seem very time-consuming at first. However, it pays off multiple times during the relocation process itself. Calculate how much time you need for packing. Include some buffer time for inadvertent occurrences. Also, remember to leave enough time for your moving company to organize the move itself. The more time you leave to movers and for your personal preparations, the smoother your relocation will be.

Staying safe when moving during COVID-19 certainly poses a challenge. On the other hand, postponing such an important task until the situation improves carries many drawbacks. Especially in the environment in which we don’t know how long this situation might last, delaying the task indefinitely is not a solution either. The best thing we can do is to make a safe and solid plan and stick to it. Hygienic discipline is another preferable approach. Also, getting all the necessary protective equipment can help us a lot. Finally, finding reliable and trustworthy movers can provide the safest work environment. And with all these efforts combined, the chances of putting yourself or anyone around you in danger are really minuscule.